Why visit Mauritius?

The question I often get asked, what things are there to do in Mauritius and why visit?! And not surprisingly, given that the ease, accessibility and cost of travelling is coming down all the time. With so much choice and so much competition for holiday makers, how do you choose? Well here’s my two cents about why you should consider Mauritius…

1) Beaches

Let’s cut to the chase, yes? There’s no doubt about it that Mauritius offers some truly stunning beach spots all across the island. What’s more, even if you’re not a traditional book and sunbed lover, Mauritius has you covered. The range of beaches here can suit everyone, from the picture perfect clear shallow waters of the North, to the more rugged water sports packed beaches of the South West. A day at the beach here can mean anything you want it to be! Another thing that I love is that the beaches here are often shaded with long stretches of trees, meaning that you can hide from the sun if you want to. My favourites are Le Morne in the South West, Grand Gaube in the North East and Trou aux Biches in the North West. Enjoy!

2) Natural beauty

I have to admit, that before I moved to Mauritius I thought that it was pretty much just about the beaches. Don’t get me wrong, I love them (I mean, they are number one on my list aren’t they!?), but Mauritius has plenty more in terms of natural beauty when you look inland from the coastline. The West’s breathtaking mountains and national parks offer wonderful opportunities for trekking and discovering waterfalls, as well as the walks available at the dormant volcano (at Curepipe) or even just through some sugar cane fields that seem to stretch on forever. Surrounded by the Black River Gorges, you also have the Chamarel waterfalls and the ‘Seven Coloured Earths’ in the South West, which is a brilliant nature trip for everyone and is esaily accessible by car, taking a beautiful drive up through the steep hills.

3) Water sports

Whatever you are into in terms of time in or on the water, Mauritius is sure to have it. Although individual activities like snorkelling, diving and kitesurfing are widely advertised, along with group trips for Dolphin watching and big game fishing, there are a huge range of others on offer too. Whether that’s trying paddle boarding or sea canoeing, or even the underwater submarine tours, the sea has something for everyone. In my case, that usually means a boat BBQ, especially on board the Catamaran cruises of specialist boat trips that you get in the South West or in the North.

4) Food!

Anyone who knows me will testify that I could never move anywhere in the world where food wasn’t central to the daily life. As any guide book will tell you, Mauritius benefits from being a wonderful melting pot of culture and heritage, which in food terms means great variety and choice. My favourite dishes are the Biryanis as well as the street food specialities of Rotis (and Dholl Puris), gateaux piments (chilli bites) and boulette (dim sum soup).

5) Island hopping!Anyone who knows me

This paradise island also benefits from having over twenty small islets in the surrounding ocean, making the perfect spot for BBQ lunches, boat trip stop overs, nature walks or day breaks. My favourites are Ile Aux Aigrettes in the South East, a nature reserve with giant tortoises and stunning birdlife, as well as Ile Aux Benitiers, in the shallow lagoons of the South West, and of course Ile Des Deux Cocos, probably my favourite of all!

6) A blended break

As the thousands of glossy brochures will tell you, Mauritius is home to some of the world’s most luxurious ‘5 star plus’ hotels. Book with one of them and your every need will be taken care of from the moment you step foot on this special, sugarcane-covered island. Yet, with with Mauritius being both small but well equipped in terms of roads, it’s very easy to get around and escape the pampering (if you want to!). Personally for me, while I enjoy time being looked after I am always itching to get out and about on holiday, to try the food, meet the people and explore what life is all about.

So, now you know what things you can do in Mauritius, you’re in right?! And that’s just a taster let me tell you, as there is much more to be found on this magical holiday island. Well, you’d better know what to pack on your holiday in Mauritius then…



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