The Navasana Spa at the Outrigger Mauritius, Bel Ombre

One of the best parts of a relaxing getaway is, of course, finding the ultimate luxury pamper and spa experience. As my Instagram followers already know, the Outrigger Hotel in the South of Mauritius has become one of my favourite day break spots in recent months and is often somewhere I take friends staying with us. I love it’s beautiful location, long coastline and laid back, unfussy atmosphere. So, I was really excited to see Outrigger launch a luxury new beauty experience at their ‘Navasana Spa’ – and even more so when I found out they have introduced the Aromatherapy Associates from London products range. Aromatherapy Associates are a true luxury brand and in my view have one of the best Spa product ranges not just in the UK but around the world, so it’s a sign of the level Outrigger is reaching for with such a brand partnership.

Aromatherapy Associates- choose your oil aroma for the day…

The ‘Nava’ (the vessel) ‘Asana’ (Yoga position designed to master the body and mind) Spa has done well to match the architecture and styling to enhance the tranquility of the experience, with each of the 13 treatment rooms being located around a central garden sanctuary of flowing water and flowers from across Mauritius. For those looking to spend a little more time relaxing following their treatment- you should try the plunge pool (14 degrees!) perfect for after your sauna or hammam session to reactivate blood circulation. Last but not least, a roof top solarium is beautifully enclosed at the top of a turret-shaped building up some steps, to give guests a secluded reflection spot to ponder life’s big questions. Just stunning.


Stunning spa architecture- which room to try first?

Welcomed by name at the Navasana reception, you are shown to your changing room. A waiting pair of slippers and robe get you ready, before being led to your massage room across the stepping stones and passing the colourful flowers. Our room was made for a couples massage, it was simple but elegant, with places to hang your robe and decorative flowers throughout. Loved the bath in the room too!

I opted for the 60 minute ‘Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience’, which is the standard (if anything about this experience is standard!), non-specialised type of massage. Following a few quick questions on the pressure and areas of focus and a small overview about the benefits of essential oils – skin radiance, softness and healthy circulation amongst others! -we began, and before I knew it I’d drifted into a lovely, pampered, half-sleep, and the massage itself was the perfect pressure throughout.


Our therapists to greet us…

At the end of the massage, you’re invited to give some feedback and also given a personalised card with product recommendations from your masseur. For me, it really provided a more rounded experience and I left knowing exactly what products are on my wish list. What’s even better is that I know when I go back (yes, there will be a next time!) we can just pick up from where we left off because of the personal notes they made on record.

The massage oil I used was the De-Stress Mind Body Oil and coupled with the calm, peaceful environment I can certainly testify to it having worked for me after what had been a very long week. I also experienced the Aromatherapy Associates muscle rub, a gel with a fairly instant cooling and soothing effect to the body (the aromas were simply gorgeous) and this product really did work! Unlike a lot of gels and creams that are used in these type of experiences, this one really seemed to have a physical effect and did seem to loosen my muscles, as well as smelling lovely, infused with rosemary, black pepper and ginger. Definitely both products are ones I will be going back for.

Aromatherapy Associates 'De-stress' oil. It's a must try!

Just LOVE this! It’s a must have!

Whether you’re staying at the Outrigger Hotel or just looking for a treat to unwind or feel pampered, the new Navasana Spa and coupled with the Aromatherapy Associates product range is definitely one to check out. Having been to the Outrigger before and after the change, I can safely say they have raised the bar with the new product range and overall guest experience. If that’s a sign of other things to come at Outrigger, they might just keep enticing me back…!

Products used:

Aromatherapy Associates De-stress – Muscle Gel 150ml

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Massage and Body Oil 100mls

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The Navasana Spa


Couples spa room- what a treat!


View of the main restaurant of Outrigger Resort- (spa to the right)


YES please!

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 3.33.21 PM

Tropical flowers for this paradise setting… and relax!


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