Mauritian street food

Of course Mauritius has more luxury hotels and restaurants than one person could ever visit (although I’m trying…!) one of the best ways to eat is the street food. Whether it’s samosas, chilli bites, or Rotis filled with delicious vegetables and beans, they all offer tasty and very cheap treats fit for anytime of the day. A great option for the days when you can’t handle a big meal, or even for those days when you can, you can find these street food vendors everywhere. Keep an eye out of the roadside and grab yourself a treat (with some of the Mauritian traditional piment chilli, of course).

1) Roti (Farata/Paratha) and Dholl Puri

Found pretty much everywhere, these quick and cheap flat breads, similar to Paratha found across Asia (and elsewhere). Usually served with spoonfuls of vegetables (lentils or beans) alongside chilli of course. The Dholl Puri are similar but made from yellow split peas and is my personal favourite, especially when freshly made right in front of you.

Roti Shack by Shoprite supermarket, Tamarin

Trick is to eat your roti quick!

Served rolled up to takeaway, they are something I often grab between meals.

Dholl Puri on the left, Roti on the right

Dholl Puri on the left and Roti on the right.  And Look out for the motorbikes, bringing Rotis right to you!
Roti to takeaway anyone?

2) ‘Mauritian snacks’

While all of these snacks could easily have their own sections, I’m grouping them together as you’ll often see them that way. Samosas of course come in multiple variations, from cheese and vegetable to chicken and beef, and I can always spot a good one (crispy and hot!).
Selection of snacks: Samoussa, Gateau Piments and Spring Rolls

Gateaux Piments, a crunchy chilli ball, sold everywhere for around 25 Rupees for a generous handful. They are dholl fritters (yellow split peas) with cumin, chilli and coriander, fried up in oil and best eaten warm. Served in a paper bag, with of course extra chilli sauce drizzled all over!

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 6.04.28 PM

Make sure you find them at Quatre Bonne market on a Thursday and a Sunday, red hot out of the pan and absolutely delicious!

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 6.07.01 PM


3) Boulette

A truly wonderful combination of streamed dim sum, packed with a variety of fish, vegetables and meat options, with steaming broth ladled over the top and a range of chilli options depending how spicy you like it. Always leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to go, especially when I’m in a bit of a haze after too many hours in the sunshine! Best to grab yours from the wonderful vendors on the beach.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 5.52.08 PM

4) Biryani

My ABSOLUTE favourite and the way to my heart! Tender, spiced rice with vegetable, fish, chicken or beef, and wonderful accompaniments of tamarin and fresh cucumber. Yours for a generous price of around 70-110 Rupees and will satisfy most appetites! You can spot the Biryani sellers by the traditional enormous silver pots, usually sealed with bread until ready and leaving a seared crust to the rim. Make sure you get them to dig down for the crispy rice and get a good mix of rice and the hidden gems of meat or veg. My rule of thumb is whatever time of day, if I see a street Biryani seller with a long queue I have to join it. Firstly, you know it will be good and secondly, it will be gone soon!

One of the best views in Mauritius!


Whatever you choose, you really can’t go wrong. All the friends I’ve had to stay have all gone home with a favourite, whether it’s a fresh vegetable samosa or a red hot bowl of spicy boulette sat on the sand, make sure you get out and find yours!

Find these shacks everywhere... quick stop off!

Out with my love and his favourites (gateaux piments!)


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