Outrigger Resorts Founders Day

Aloha!! I was lucky enough to be invited to the Outrigger Resorts Mauritius annual ‘Founders Day’, marking the 69th anniversary of founders Roy and Estelle Kelley opening the world’s first Outrigger Hotel and Resorts in Waikiki, Hawaii. It’s a day that brings this expanding hotel group together in celebration (and a large cardboard cutout of the Kelleys on entrance!) and Outrigger really embodied the ‘aloha’ spirit with fun and thoughtful touches throughout. It goes without saying that Outrigger has grown since founding to be a well known global group, with luxury properties in some 40 wonderful island destinations. Nice work guys.

Starting the day the way I like to (…with a gorgeous meal), we headed to lunch on the beach at ‘Willie’s Rum and Crab shack’. It’s a rustic and laid back environment and totally befitting of it’s natural shoreline setting. Greeted with a selection of craft beers from the local brewery Flying Dodo, we began our Founders day celebration in true Mauritian style – and when I spotted the fresh crab shell cracker I knew we were in for some seriously tasty goodies! Opening up with a selection of sushi, prawn tempura and salads, each packed with flavour, the only issue was self restraint. The main course was definitely the big showcase, with a delicious selection of fresh catches of the day, seafood and traditional side dishes like fried rice and mine frit (noodles): an eclectic mix of true Mauritian delights. Just leaving room to dip into the colourful and refreshing desserts platters and fresh fruits, we were done and dusted. I think for this, the pictures will speak for themselves…

Rum & Crab Mauritius

Rum & Crab Mauritiusimg_1950Rum & Crab Mauritius

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARum & Crab MauritiusRum & Crab Mauritius
Rum & Crab Mauritius


The Navasana Spa was our next indulgence – and as my instagram followers would be able to guess, I was looking forward to this! I opted for a different treatment to the massage I had previously reviewed, and chose a reflexology session with their Reiki masters. I must say, I am a little skeptical about anyone touching my feet…(and I am sure they are too!) but I thought I would give this a go given the recommendations I’ve heard from friends and family. Best foot forward and all that…

Defined as ‘Universal Consciousness’ and Ki as energy, the Reiki master talked me through the importance of self- healing through balancing my energy state through ‘Chakras’. Anyway, through finding points on my feet, he could pinpoint my areas of stress, emotion and body – and I can say he was rather accurate! During the session I felt so relaxed that I actually fell asleep, which is unheard of (I’m one of those irritating early morning people). At the end of the session I truly felt emotionally lifted and vowed I would continue! So watch this space for some more reviews of this type, as I’ll definitely be looking for more.




Feeling revived, we strolled to Outrigger’s ‘Plantation club’, which I must admit I never knew existed, despite having been to the resort a few times before. Now I know where it is, I’ll be coming back! Hidden away amongst a tropical garden, the club includes a wine room, bar, restaurant, private pool and a tea library, all overlooking their famous sugar cane fields and mountain backdrop. With its French Colonial style decor, large ceiling fans, french doors, gallery roofs and white wooden colonnettes it actually bought back memories of my Dads 60th birthday in the The Raffles Hotel in Singapore. During the day, the Plantation Club is exclusively used for private members, but Outrigger has now opened up their restaurant for evening diners and now their special Saturday champagne brunches. We were welcomed into their private tea library for an exclusive tasting of the islands tea culture; our host explained all the variants of their Tea Palace teas – and with me being an English tea lover I was certainly impressed! I always thought English breakfast tea was the best, but I might be changing my mind…




Coconut cocktails, canapés and music were already waiting for us when we arrived at Outriggers’ ‘Lemongrass’ venue, a large space which overlooks the resort, to round off the day. Guests staying at the resort were invited to join and as always I enjoyed getting to chat to the wide ranging groups of couples, families and others who have escaped to this paradise island for one reason or another.

I loved the coconut cocktails so much that they are now on my wedding menu – and the same goes for the stunningly presented and flavourful charcuterie selection! The staff were dressed in vibrant Hawaiian t-shirts and were in true Aloha spirit giving us our flower garlands and serving us a colourful array of flowing cocktails and champagnes. A perfect spot for sundowner and reflect on the day at the Resort among those that are lucky enough to be able to do this everyday through their holidays. We ended the night with fire eating (or should I say, watching fire eating) and my photos did not do this justice (night setting mode for next time!), it was just breath-taking.





Well Outrigger, you really have surpassed yourselves with this experience. Here’s to 2017!



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