I created Mauritius Unwrapped when I moved to the island paradise in 2016. I’ve always loved to travel, following a childhood in a family that moved around a lot across Europe to Africa and the US.

When I settled in Mauritius with my then fiancé, I was a little lost without somewhere to find the types of things I was after. A place to try and get the full sense of the island, from the luxury hotels to street food and cultural hotspots and everything in between.

That’s what I want Mauritius Unwrapped to be all about. The full range of experiences that this magical place has to offer. Whether you’re here for a once in a lifetime holiday, your perfect honeymoon or just a random adventure, I hope the site will help make the best of it. This small island sat quietly in the Indian Ocean has so much to offer!

It’s been a great, life altering adventure launching Mauritius Unwrapped and I’ve been so flattered by the comments and the feedback so far, and I’m working hard to make it even bigger and better with each day that passes. It really makes a huge difference hearing from you, and hopefully helping make the absolute best of their time spent here. Please do share your ideas and suggestions and drop me an email directly if you think I can help with something.

I’d love to hear from readers with any questions or suggestions. Thank you for visiting and being part of the journey!

With love from Mauritius.

x Katy x





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